Public Art Project Management

Kellner Consulting provides consulting, management and curatorial services for public art projects including artist selection and communication, development of requests for qualifications and proposals, public art procedure development, design process oversight and community interface.  Kellner Consulting has experience in working with large-scale infrastructure projects including transit.

Fund Development in the Arts

Kellner Consulting has worked with many organizations in the US to raise funds from new foundation and government sources, and train staff in how to manage an ongoing fundraising strategy. Successful proposals have been received from the following foundations: Doris Duke Charitable Fund, Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Endowment for the Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Houston Endowment, Inc, Rockefeller Foundation, and Tremaine Foundation.

Bringing Artists and Organizations Together

Are you an artist looking for new opportunities for your career or an organization looking for artists for a project? Kellner Consulting can support you in accomplishing your goals through research to identify the opportunities and approaches that are a match for what you are out to accomplish.

Organizational and Creative Planning

Kellner Consulting assists organizations both with organizational and artistic planning in order to develop strategies to have the organization and its stakeholders be successful and satisfied with their work.


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