Selected Projects Overview

Metropolitan Transit Authority Light Rail Expansion

Kellner Consulting was hired by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Washington Group international, Parsons Transportation Group, and Rey de la Reza Architects to develop and manage the artist selection and conceptual design process for a five line light rail expansion with 49 stations and an Intermodal Terminal.

Services included:

  • Public Art Procedure development
  • Distribution and publicity of Request for Qualifications; management of  artist communications and proposals
  • Organization and management of the Qualifications Selection Committee, Community Vision Committees and the District Selection Committee
  • Collaboration with Metro staff and stakeholders to hold Community visioning meetings for the public art program
  • Collaboration with the corridor Preliminary Engineering teams to identify and develop art opportunities.
  • Oversight of Request for Proposals process and artists’ conceptual design development
  • Oversight of the conceptual design process

San Antonio River Foundation River Walk Improvements

The San Antonio River Improvements Project (SAIRP) is a $174 million project that aims to revitalize and enhance 13 miles of the San Antonio River both north and south of downtown. In the Museum Reach, bioengineering techniques are applied to create a linear park that provides improved habitat for wildlife as well as a new “front yard” for future development. Kellner Consulting was hired in May 2008 to develop and manage the artist selection process for the Museum Reach, including railings and underpasses for eight bridges.

Tasks have included the following:

  • Request for Qualifications development
  • Development of a Request for Proposals that can be updated and for all phases of the project
  • Development of a written public art program procedure for artist selection including sample schedules and approaches to soliciting artists
  • On site selection process management
  • Artist communication during the design process
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"Musiqa came to Sara for help diversifying our funding.  Within one year, we have tripled our proposals and doubled our income, earning  several major local, state and national awards."  - Dr. Anthony Brandt

Musiqa is a highly regarded contemporary music organization in Houston with a very strong artistic track record and a modest budget. Kellner Consulting was asked to work closely with the staff and board to develop and execute an aggressive fundraising plan. This partnership led to successful grant requests to 10 new foundations and corporations, as well as first-time funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Texas Commission on the Arts.  Their website is

Artadia: the Fund for Art and Dialogue

Artadia’s mission is to encourage innovative artistic practice and meaningful dialogue across the United States by providing artists in specific communities with unrestricted grants and a national network of support. Artadia was founded in 1997 by investment banker and art collector Christopher E. Vroom in response to the demise of the NEA’s artists’ fellowships. Artadia Awards are determined through a rigorous jury process that employs nationally prominent curators, artists, and critics. Artadia partners with local foundations and individuals in its host cities to raise funds and awareness to directly support artists in their community.

Kellner Consulting was hired to provide Houston-based management and to develop new sources of funding, including individual donors and a successful multi-year award from Houston Endowment Inc. and first time funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Their website is

Rice University Art Gallery

As the nations only university art gallery dedicated to installation art, Rice University Art Gallery has a unique presence in the Houston art community. Rice Gallery’s mission gives young and underrepresented artists a chance to expand their processes into well-developed, large scale works at the same time as it supports mid-career and well-established artists in articulating or “fine-tuning” their ideas and methods. Kellner Consulting worked with the Gallery to develop successful proposals to three new foundation supports in Houston and to train a new staff member to take over Foundation proposals.  Their website is

Travesty Dance Group

Travesty Dance Group was conceived to support and produce the creative projects of its founding members, Kimberly Karpanty, Rebecca Malcolm-Naib, Karen Stokes, and invited guests. Enriched by collaborative process, Travesty Dance Group seeks to bring diverse original dance work to a variety of communities on an annual basis. The founders believe in dance as a basic human art, embracing both the complexities of contemporary society and the life affirming essence of movement. Kellner Consulting was hired to develop an aggressing fundraising plan to accomplish the goal of doubling the organizations budget.


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